• What is Pacenote application?

    This is simple "opinionated" time management application, developed by the "time management" obsessed person.
  • How to use this Pacenote application?

    Pacenote functionality is inspired by the race drivers, they created a detailed plan of the race, with time assigned to each part of the road and than follow this plan. Same practice can be applied to the Pacenote application:
    • Create list of tasks you want to work on ("Backlog" screen).
    • Plan tasks for the day ("Plan"" screen).
    • "Start", "Stop" tasks within a day (screen "Today"). Also on this screen you can view your plans for the future and history from the past days.
    Also you can update application settings (“Settings” screen). You can:
    • Set application language.
    • Set maximum number of tasks per day and time you can plan for.
    • Buy full version.
    • Enable/disable Dropbox synchronization (available in full version).
    • Access screens “About”, “Feedback”, “Best. practices” and view clip “how application works”.
  • How to works with Tasks (todos) in application?

    • Tasks (todos) in application can be in one of the 4 state
      • Backlog: tasks is created by not “planned” for today. Task is visible on backlog screen
      • Ready: task is “planned” for today and visible on today screen
      • In process: task you currently working on. Task button has counting timer on it.
      • Deleted: task removed from application. This task is not visible in application, history for the deleted task is still visible.
    • In application you can:
      • Create lists of tasks you want to work on. You can create task using Create screen and view all tasks not planned for today on to Backlog screen.
      • Plan tasks for the day (Plan screen)
      • Monitor day (Today screen)
      • View plan for the future days and history – using date buttons on Today screen.
  • Why I can't update plan date once plan is saved?

    Idea behind this function is "plan, what can be completed within day". So, if you planned some task for the day, you can "update" planned date. To accomplish this, you will have to create new plan.
  • Why so limited functionality to adjust recorded time?

    Idea behind this: we shall "focus" on specific task and consciously "start", "stop" work on task. Based on this we need basic functionality is required.
  • Does development team use application?

    Absolutely, and we made many updates based our own experience.
  • Will you develop version for another platform?

    Yes, we will do it in sequence: iOS/Windows UWP/WPF, Android - in that order. Windows UWP version will work in all Windows 10 devices, WPF version will work on Windows 7, 8 8.1.
  • Will I have to buy full version on all platforms?

    No, you have to buy full version only once, but you will have to create an account, so we will be able to identify you on another platform.
  • What will happen if I forget to stop he task?

    When new day start we will stop all running tasks (time will be recorded until midnight) and activate all planned tasks
  • If you still have a questions send us an email and we will do everything we can to help you.